Monday, 8 March 2010

So take me down to your dancefloor...


I made a promise earlier this week (albeit a tentative one with vague warnings of disappointment) that I would have some new finished demos to put up by Wednesday. I got myself into a sticky situation with getting my piano back, which I really felt I needed to get the tracks to a point at which I was happy with them. Perhaps its a little arrogant of me to assume that anyone noticed, but I like to acknowledge things when I don't follow through with them as I say I will. So there it is.

Yesterday Jo from The Travelling Band popped over to return my keyboard and to do an organ part (he's such a great organ player) for the afore-mentioned collaboration with First Aid Kit. I thought I'd post where we're up to so far with it as I like being able to share things with people whilst they're in the formative process. Its a rough mix, and I'll need to redo my piano part as I'm not 100% on it. The song, 'A Song For You', is a tune by Gram Parsons, who Klara, Johanna, Jo and I are all big fans of. Aside from being one of the best songwriters ever, he was also an incredibly interesting guy. I urge anyone to listen to his studio recordings, anything he did with the Flying Burrito Brothers and to watch the documentary 'Fallen Angel'. The biography entitled 'Hickory Wind' is really good too.

A Song For You Rough Mix by Jo Rose

This song in particular is maybe my favourite of his. Its a hard one to do any kind of justice, but I'm getting extremely excited picturing the girl's voices on it, because I love the way they sing together. I'm also considering getting the mighty Gabriel Minnikin to do some of his low harmonies on the chorus and some of his beautiful mandolin playing. I'm spoiled for friends who are amazing musicians.

There's another demo on the way. I'll tidy up the mix a little and send it out maybe tonight or tomorrow morning.


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