Wednesday, 4 November 2009

"[Perfection] would be inhuman. The umbilical point, the humanity, the thing that makes you human and not supernatural and immortal--that's what's lovable. That is why some people have a very hard time loving God, because there's no imperfection there. You can be in awe, but that would not be real love. It's Christ on the cross that becomes lovable".

-Joseph Campbell

After a long-ass day of recording and mixing, Liam and i have finished a set of five demos. You can listen to them on our myspace ( They are a little shakey, and very lo-fi, and they were recorded over a long period by me and the guys. In a previous post, i made a big declaration about releasing the tracks upon completion in the form of a self-released EP. It was probably a little premature of me, given that i only had a vague idea of how things would turn out. Although i love the sound of these tracks and the contributions made by the band and good friends, i think that holding back on a physical release until i have something more concrete and complete (something that feels like a record and not a really good set of demos) would be the wisest move.

In any case, they are available to stream for free and i hope you enjoy them. I'm proud of the songs as a representation of where we are at- still trying to figure out the best way to ornament these songs, but with a pretty strong sense of direction. They're imperfect, but circumstance has made them as honest and as raw as anything i'll do, and i'll probably keep coming back to them more than anything else for that reason.

The people who were involved in making the tracks are:

Liam Markham: Engineering, mixing, mandola.
Gabriel Minnikin: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica.
Ben Price: Bass.
Peter Gray: Drums.
Pete Marshall: Violin
Alex Balch: Pedal Steel.
Sean Kelly: Engineering on the drums (would've been thoroughly fucked without him).
Rebecca Pont: Engineering.
Jo Rose: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Piano, Vocals.

Peace out, bitches.


Friday, 30 October 2009

Love and Disaster Track And The First of Many Demos To Come!!

Yo, guys and dolls. Friends and fans...

I have just put up a second version of Lastbreath, California on the page. I recorded it on Daniel Parrott's dollar a few months ago. It will appear on the love and disaster compilation (titled love and disaster 1) released on January 11th 2010 digitally. There's also going to be a gatefold 10" vinyl, which i'm getting pretty excited about. It'll have my picture in the middle, surrounded by all the coolest and best looking bands in manchester, looking very plain.

The tracklist is:

Airship - Kids
Dutch Uncles - OCDUC
Jo Rose - Last Breath, California
Delphic - This Momentary (Everything Everything remix)


Also, i've put up the first of about six band demos on the page too. I'll probably put them up gradually as i get them done. They've all been recorded between my flat and the deaf institute, with engineering help from my friend Sean, and resident hardheart, Liam Markham.



Monday, 31 August 2009

Recording the stickittothe man way....

The ability to make the best of and adapt to a shitty situation is a virtue of character and this is no less true in the case of the struggle most musicians are currently facing to adapt to the digitalisation and subsequent devaluation of music.

So it seems proper, then, to focus on the advantages of the new climate- the most exciting one to me being that you can very easily and cheaply make the record that you want to make without the overbearing presence of a label who behave as if the debt that you owe them should be paid back with artistic integrity being the currency.

For the past two weeks, i've been absorbing myself in the home-recording process. I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by awesome musicians, engineers and friends who have been willing to help out and its turning into an increasingly ambitious project- an eight piece band, a string quartet to record next week and a beautifully grand, but lo-fi sound that's been forming out of it all.

The EP, which will have anything up to seven tracks on it, will be released entirely independently by me and my friends, handpressed and screen-printed from my flat between me, my other half and my sister (plus whoever else winds up getting sucked in). I'll probably put it out digitally if i can get my head around iTunes.

I can't speak objectively about my own performing abilities or songwriting, but the level of musicianship of my band has made this the most fun and exciting project i've ever worked on. Its still in the very formative stages, but i can already see how beautifully this first wave of songs has been contributed to by a lot of really amazing, creative people with keen ears already. Its gonna be bitchin'.


More as it comes.