Friday, 30 October 2009

Love and Disaster Track And The First of Many Demos To Come!!

Yo, guys and dolls. Friends and fans...

I have just put up a second version of Lastbreath, California on the page. I recorded it on Daniel Parrott's dollar a few months ago. It will appear on the love and disaster compilation (titled love and disaster 1) released on January 11th 2010 digitally. There's also going to be a gatefold 10" vinyl, which i'm getting pretty excited about. It'll have my picture in the middle, surrounded by all the coolest and best looking bands in manchester, looking very plain.

The tracklist is:

Airship - Kids
Dutch Uncles - OCDUC
Jo Rose - Last Breath, California
Delphic - This Momentary (Everything Everything remix)


Also, i've put up the first of about six band demos on the page too. I'll probably put them up gradually as i get them done. They've all been recorded between my flat and the deaf institute, with engineering help from my friend Sean, and resident hardheart, Liam Markham.



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  1. Wait... I thought Balcony Doors was going on the compilation. What did I run back to my house with the tape for then? .-.