Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Love & Disaster and XFM session

You may notice upon a close inspection of the above photo that i am in it! I am told that in the original photo, i was cross-eyed, and they very carefully, artfully and seamlessly edited it to make me look halfway normal next to all those dudes to my right.

But that's just an aside. The real purpose of this blog is to spread the good word about the new love & disaster EP (1) that i have been lucky enough to have been offered a place in next to some bands who i really admire and think are way awesome. The EP has been released by a longtime buddy, Dan Parrott, who i owe an awful lot to now. Off the back of this, i've got my first airplay, sessions and press. Its been a great project to be involved in.

Anyhow, i'm gonna stop rambling and get to the ulterior motive i have here. The EP was released on Monday. You can get the very pretty 10 inch vinyl from picadilly records here:

Or, if you have too much stuff, download it digitally from 7 digital here and save the shelf space, whilst only slightly reducing your hard disk space:

Also, on a slightly unrelated, but still sorta related note, I did my first radio session since i broke with fear of music on Tuesday for XFM. It was a whole lot of fun and the guys at the station got a really good sound. It will air this coming Sunday from 10pm-12 as part of the razorcuts thing on all the XFM stations. Is that just London and Manchester or has they expanded their territory? In any case, its on all the stations. I just like repeating that because it makes me feel important.

More soon,