Monday, 15 March 2010

All Change URL...

The most boring fucking blog post of all time.

That's right, folks! Its not just self-perpetuated hype. This actually is the most boring fucking blog post ever written by anyone ever. Even me.

All of the addresses to my various websites/ social marketing tools (save facebook) have changed, for the very dull reason that 'The Hard Hearts' was never a band name I'd willingly have stuck with, and all the web addresses included it. They were stopping me from letting go. I talked to my psychoanalyst and he suggested it'd be best to change it and throw out the litter tray of the cat that ran away almost six months ago while I was at it too. The litter tray was hard to do. This wasn't.

So the new addresses are as follows:


Clever, huh? If you do type in the old one (, you get redirected so it doesn't really matter, but any step towards getting rid of the old shitty, regrettable band name is something I'll take into my loving embrace.


The Blog (this blog):

If you fancy a self-enforced sisyphean fate, you can keep clicking on the link above forever.


Take note!

Your pal,

Jo Rose

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