Saturday, 3 April 2010

A general update...

Well, it seems I've fallen short of my plans again and I've failed to put any more demos online for several weeks or post anything here at all. And it had been going so well, too... I have nothing new to post in the way of new tracks, but its been a rollicky couple of weeks and I just haven't had the stability to actually sit down and finish anything, either in my songwriting or my recording, so if anyone was getting used to my commitment to posting new tracks on here for the whole, like, two weeks it lasted, I apologise. I have two new songs that feel like I'm about ready to wrap up and I'll post them here soon.


There have been a few exciting things happening, however, and they're definitely worth a mention.

Firstly (and i think its ok to say something about this now) my good friend of many years Daniel Parrott has offered to help me get some things off the ground I couldn't seem to on my own. Most importantly this means I'll be recording an actual E.P with a release and everything in the very near future. The preliminary plan is to do a limited 1000 copies in physical form and a full digital release, which I'll sell mainly at shows and on tours. It will be without band for this one. Very stripped down! Kathryn Edwards has said she'll lend some of her beautiful voice to a few tracks. We also have the means to do the whole thing on reel to reel tape, which is
pretty exciting to me as a vintage gear fetishist.

Sebastian Matthes

Off the back of that, I'll also be doing a photoshoot with Sebastian Matthes (amazing live Wu Lyf shot pictured left), a really fabulous and talented photographer who has been working the manchester scene for quite a while. You may have seen his work on the Delphic poster that was in HMV for a while with the Anthony Burgess (or was it Tony Wilson?) quote. Anyhow, It'll be a delight to work with him, and as well as indulging my vanity, which is always welcome, it will be accompanied by a general online revamp of the myspace page, etc, to give the illusion of professionalism, which is ultimately what being professional is all about. All youthfully arrogant statements aside, however, I'm looking forward to having a nice page for people to visit and I'm happy to be working with an artist that I really admire and respect.

Also, a quick reminder: this Thursday (the eighth of April), I'll be supporting the Paris Riots at my favourite venue in Manchester, the Deaf Institute, so come if you're around. Dauntingly, I will be playing a solo set between two pretty full-on rock bands, which should be interesting. And look, there's my name on the poster! Finally made it, ma.


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